Why Using Wooden Hairbrushes Is The Right Choice?

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Why Using Wooden Hairbrushes Is The Right Choice?

The wooden brush is a pure benefit for your hair: there is no healthier alternative on the market. What are the main advantages of wooden brushes for hair?

  • Unlike metal and plastic bristles, it produces less static. When your hair is electrified, you have these hateful fly-aways that cannot be smoothed down, frizz, and constant tangling. With a wooden hairbrush, your hair lies still.
  • Delicate detangling. Even the smallest sharp corners and edges of plastic bristles can pull and tear hair strands, while wood bristle hairbrush will be far gentler. Bristles with round ends are perfect and safe.
  • When you pass through your hair with a wooden brush, it spreads natural oil (sebum) over the strands so that you could enjoy a healthy, shiny, and sleek look. This way, you protect your hair and prevent it from drying and breaking.
  • Massage made by rounded ends of bristles stimulates blood flow to the scalp and boosts hair growth. Besides, with more blood hair follicles get more nutrition, and produce more sebum. It means you have healthier and optimally moisturized hair.
  • Environmental friendliness. Bamboo hairbrushes have antibacterial and antifungal properties, which protect hair from falling and diseases. Besides, it is fully recyclable, and bamboo is the most convenient material – it grows faster than any other tree.


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