4 Things You Need to Know about Green Sandalwood Horn Combs

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pureGLO green sandalwood hair combs are made of natural green sandalwood and buffalo horns (no cruelty source) with tender care, crafted with traditional Chinese handicrafts. Each hair comb has a unique and distinctive wood grain. These sandalwood combs will never discharge static during usage and tend to add the natural soothing fragrance to the hair and relieve stress.

Precious Ingredients

Buffalo horns are precious ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine. The teeth of buffalo horn comb is helpful to reduce knots and tangles from natural, thick, wavy and curly hairs. Combing hair with horn combs every day can effectively relieve the nerve ending and promote the blood circulation.


Fragrant Sandalwood

As the second-most expensive wood in the world, after African blackwood, sandalwood are heavy, yellow, and fine-grained, and unlike many other aromatic woods, they retain their fragrance for decades. The aroma of green sandalwood handle helps calm the mind and soothe stress.


Green Sandalwood Buffalo Horn Tooth Comb Benefits:

Prevent bruising or scraping your scalp: much softer & more polished feel than plastic or metal combs.

Anti-static: less frizz and prevent hair breakage from static.

Prevent hair dryness: reduce split end damage and hair breakage. Detangle hair easily.

Help stimulate the scalp and promote hair health: distribute oils evenly throughout hair to end, giving your hair a shiny and lustrous look.


4 Easy Ways to Distinguish Buffalo Horn Comb from Fake Plastic Comb

1. Texture contrast: Genuine horn combs should be straight, smooth, sturdy and mellow. Fake horn combs are usually made of special plastic material, but they are lacking glossiness and feel poorly in your hand.

2. Smell Contrast: Dip some water on a finger and use the thumb to rub the horn comb surface quickly, then a smell of burned hair or feather will come out. This is because of the similar composition between the horn and hair/feather as above. Fake horn combs have no such smell.

3. Sinking Test: Genuine horn combs will sink in the water while the plastic ones float.

4. Static Test: Genuine horn combs are conductive, they don't produce static, while the plastic combs do.


Useful Tips on Hair Care & Maintaining Your Comb:

smooth tangle free hair

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How to Clean:

  • To preserve its natural luster, never use water to clean Sandalwood Combs. Instead, use natural oils like jojoba oil or Camellia oil to clean them.
  • Leave the comb at a well-ventilated place to dry after using on wet hair.




Caring Tips:

  • Do not expose sandalwood hair comb to strong light or high temperature.
  • Avoid dropping the comb on hard floors.
  • Buffalo horn combs would emit a burning smell when getting wet with water or alcohol. The scent will fade away when the comb gets completely dry.


Perfect Gift Idea:

  • Because of its premium quality and precious nature, Green Sandalwood Comb can be a great gift. This unique hair comb comes in a premium gift box, which gives it the Perfect Gift Look.
  • A great Valentine's Day Gift, Christmas Gift, Mother's Day Gift, birthday gift and anniversary gift.
  • Give a gift that will last for DECADES and be used every day!