Why You Need To Sleep With A Silk Hair Wrap

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Why You Need To Sleep With A Silk Hair Wrap

Ever wondered why (even when you apply oil and comb your hair right before bed) you wake up with frizz, knots, tangles, and hair that feels ten times drier than it did eight hours before? Cotton bed sheets are the guilty culprit – the rough texture causes friction that weakens your hair follicles and absorbs moisture from hair, resulting in dryness and breakage. 

For years, people with textured and curly hair have used silk hair wraps to protect their hair while they sleep – the slippery smooth material helps to reduce friction and damage, and will make big, shiny differences to your tresses.  

Scroll down to discover why you need to sleep with a real silk hair wrap and a silk hair wrap is worthy of being the newest addition to your overnight beauty routine. 

Maintains The Hairstyle For Longer

If you’ve spent time (or money) perfecting your hairstyle, you want to make it last for as long as possible. Help to keep your blow dry or braids preserved by covering your hair with a wrap at night – the silk causes less friction, so helps to keep shape in place. 

You Can Wash Your Hair Less

Wearing a silk hair wrap encourages the natural oils on your scalp to spread from root to tip, which actually prevents greasy hair (as oil is no longer just concentrated in one place). Keeping your hair off your face and pillow also prevents the oils and product from your face from transferring to hair and causing greasiness, and likewise, prevents oil and product from your hair from getting on your pillow and into pores. 

Prevents New Tangles

Tossing and turning on a regular pillow leads to hair easily getting tangled, but sleeping with hair in a silk hair cap will help to prevent knots from forming. Brush your hair with pureGLO hair brushes before bed to remove any pre-existing knots, then gently twist your hair back from your face and tuck it into the wrap to prevent hair from tangling while you sleep. 

Curl Preservation

Natural curls can frizz overnight, meaning you wake up to a tangled mess. Covering your hair with a silk wrap helps to keep the spirals intact and prevents the curls from falling out of shape or breaking up and looking frizzy. It’s important to use real silk too – since many other materials will sap the moisture from curly hair. 

You Won't Need To Brush Or Style Your Hair As Often

Thanks to the lack of knots, tangles, and frizz, sleeping with a silk hair wrap makes things much less stressful when it comes to managing your hair in the morning. You can shave five minutes off your getting ready time (and consequently gain an extra five in bed!) without having to battle with a brush, comb, heat tools, and styling products every single day.