Wide & Fine Tooth Natural Wooden Hair Comb Set

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PureGLO Wide & Fine Tooth Natural Wooden Comb set.

Made of 100% high quality genuine natural Jade Sandalwood and crafted with exquisite traditional handicrafts. The thickened handle is great for ergonomic holding.
The polished PureGLO Detangle Combs carry an ultra-smooth, refined and seamless finish due to the high density of sandalwood, which carries a much softer and more polished feel than plastic or metal combs.
Sandalwood Comb produces less frizz and prevents breakage from static. Wide teeth glide through smoothly and don't tend to pull or break your hair.
Sandalwood aroma helps to calm the mind and soothe stress. It is also said to invigorate courage, purpose, strength, and happiness.
Because of its premium quality and precious nature, PureGLO Hair Comb can be a great gift. Packaged in a premium gift box and nice-looking drawstring bag that protects the comb from being scratched.

PureGLO wide-tooth green sandalwood combs are made of natural green sandalwood and crafted with traditional Chinese handicrafts. Each comb has unique and distinctive wood grain. These sandalwood combs never discharge static during usage and tend to add the natural soothing fragrance to the hair and relieve stress.


Easier to Detangle & Reduce Hair Fall - The wide spaces between the teen of wide tooth combs provide less friction compared to a normal fine-tooth comb. This property makes the wide-tooth comb gentler on the hair and reduces split end damage and hair breakage.
Gentle on Scalp - The Round thick teeth of PureGLO Wide Tooth Comb makes your scalp feels massaged and soothed rather than being scratched. It improves circulation and relaxes a tired scalp. For those who regularly suffer from scalp inflammation & pimples, a wide-tooth comb is a way to go!
Suitable for Any Hair Type – Especially great for Curly and wavy hair which is prone to a lot of frayed ends and split ends. If you suffer from a lot of split ends, it's time to start using a wide-tooth comb instead, at least when it comes to detangling!

Because of its premium quality and precious nature, Green Sandalwood Combs can be a great gift that lasts for decades. This unique comb comes in a premium gift box and a nice drawstring bag, which gives it the Perfect Gift Look.
A great Valentine's Day Gift, Christmas Gift, Mother's Day Gift, birthday gift and anniversary gift. Give a gift that will last for DECADES and be used every day!

 Useful Tips on Hair Care & Maintaining Your Brush:

Never use water to clean the Sandalwood hair comb in order to preserve its natural luster. Instead, use natural oils like jojoba oil or Camellia oil to clean them. Over time, when exposed to different temperatures and light, the jade sandalwood may darken in color. This is also a natural phenomenon and a special characteristic of genuine sandalwood.


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