Natural Green Sandalwood Massage Wooden Hair Brush

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PureGLO Green Sandalwood wooden Hair Brush is 100% handcrafted from natural Green Sandalwood with tender care. The handle and bristles of this brush are all wooden, with natural green sandalwood aroma.

STIMULATE SCALP: Bristles penetrates the hair, smoothing and grooming it while massaging the scalp; Rubber cushioned pad gently follows the contours of the head.
REDUCES FRIZZ: As you brush oils from your hair are spread around which lubricates each hair strand and reduces the amount of hair frizz and prevents hair breakage from static, also helps achieve healthier hair. Relieves stress, detangles hair; increases blood circulations.
A GREAT GIFT THAT LASTS FOR DECADES: Because of its premium quality and precious nature, the Sandalwood natural round hairbrush can be a great gift. This unique hairbrush comes with a nice looking exotic gift box that gives it the perfect Gift Look. A great Valentine's Day Gift, Christmas Gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift for him or her.

Green Sandalwood Hair Brush Benefits:
• STIMULATES SCALP: The tips of the bristles against your scalp can give you a massaging sensation that feels great on your head. This also helps to improve blood flow on your scalp.
• REDUCES FRIZZ: Your scalp naturally produces oil called sebum which acts as a protectant for your hair. The bristles help to spread this sebum around to lubricate each of your hair strands which reduces frizz.
• PREVENTS OIL BUILD-UP: By spreading this sebum oil around each hair strand and from the roots to the ends of your hair you are preventing oil from building up and giving your scalp a greasy look.
• GIVES HAIR SHINE: Through this same process of conditioning your hair, it also gives it shine due to the characteristics of the oil.
• NATURALLY CONDITIONS HAIR: Hair needs to be regularly moisturized and conditioned to prevent it from having a dry appearance. This is where bristles help. The distribution of the sebum oil naturally conditions the hair.
• DURABLE FOR DECADES: The handle is built with a strong and durable wooden handle that will last for many years.
• NATURAL AROMA FRAGRANCE: Green Sandalwood is the only tree in the world with a heartwood that emits fragrance, a distinctive natural fragrance of Sandalwood that will last for decades. The Sandalwood aroma calms the mind, soothes stress and nervous tension, uplifts the mood and hydrates sensitive or aging skin. It is also said to invigorate courage, purpose, strength, and happiness.

Useful Tips on Hair Care & Maintaining Your Brush:

Never use water to clean Sandalwood hair brush in order to preserve its natural luster. Instead, use natural oils like jojoba oil or Camellia oil to clean them. Over time, when exposed to different temperatures and light, the jade sandalwood may darken in color. This is also a natural phenomenon and a special characteristic of genuine sandalwood.


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